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Drop by to have a one-on-one conversation about whatever is on your mind - resume, career goals, new hires or vacant roles. I'll buy the coffee!

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You never need a recruiter until it’s too late.

As a candidate, you never need a recruiter until you’ve lost your job, been fired, or resigned. And then, at that point, you’re not the ideal candidate no matter your experience because you’re an active job-seeker rather than passive. It’s always easier to place someone who has a job than one who is without a job.

On the other hand, as an organization you never need a recruiter until your President, CFO, or VP of Philanthropy resigns and you’re left trying to fill a gap in the interim while completing a search process and burning out your remaining staff in the meantime.

It seems that recruiters need to make more time for you now – when you don’t need them and they don’t need you.

Don’t you wish you could develop a relationship with a headhunter now rather than wait until it’s too late?! Beans Twitter Logo 48px Square


Enter our newest initiative –!

It’s simple – here’s how it works:



  • Visit the site where you can sign-up for updates or follow the Twitter feed to see where I will be hanging out for a few hours on a specific day ready to meet anyone who wants to chat for one reason or another.
  • Stop by during the time I’ve noted; I’ll buy you a coffee and we can chat for 30 minutes or so.
  • Come prepared to talk about what’s on your mind – your resume, your job, your hiring needs, your goals, succession plans, last night’s hockey game – whatever you want!
  • If you’re pressed for time, you can always reserve a time slot with me and I’ll make sure I’m available when you arrive!


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